Viewing a product's stock levels

Check which of your store's products are available or out of stock.

To view product stock levels, go to Products > All Products. Find your product in the list quickly by using the search bar.

The stock information you see will look different depending on whether your store is on Cova or WooCommerce.

If your store is on WooCommerce

In the Inv. Qty. column, WooCommerce stores will see the number of available units followed by the number of backorders ("B/O"). Meanwhile, the column Stock displays either "In Stock" in green or "Out of Stock" in red for each product.

Screenshot Breadstock inv quantity column

Note: If your store tracks product inventory, the "Available" inventory reflects current stock levels. It excludes units that are reserved (via an inventory adjustment by staff) or processing.

If you don't track inventory in Breadstack, but have synced stock management for this product with WooCommerce, the Inv. Qty. column will pull stock information directly from WooCommerce. 

If you do not track inventory and have not synced inventory management with WooCommerce, the Inv. Qty. column will display whichever product quantity was last inputted manually.

Variable products

For variable products, the Inv. Qty. column will display "Variable". Mouse over this to see a  breakdown of available and backordered inventory for each variation.

Screenshot Breadstack inv quantity variable product

If your store is on Cova

If your store is on Cova, the Inv. Quantity column will display stock information pulled from your warehouses via Cova.

Out-of-stock products will show "0 available" in red. In-stock products will show the number of units available, followed by the number of warehouse locations linked to your store.

Screenshot Breadstack cova store inv quantity

Mouse over this information to see which warehouses currently have the product, and how much stock is available at each.

Screenshot Breadstack cova inv qty warehouses