Viewing data on the Dashboard

Your Dashboard serves as your landing page when you log into Breadstack. This article will cover what to expect from your Dashboard. 

The Dashboard offers quick insights on your store's most recent activity and performance, drawing on all warehouse locations.

Can I customize my dashboard?

The components of your Dashboard will depend on your access level in Breadstack. This is to ensure that you only see data relevant to your role.

You can change the timeframe of the data using the dropdown at the top of the page.

Tip: You can't change the components of your dashboard. However, you can build and share custom reports via Insights > Custom Reports.

Why can't I see any data on the Dashboard?

The Dashboard draws data from store activities. These activities can include new orders, returns, customer account creations, and more. 

If you notice that data aren't being shown during a certain period of time, that often indicates that there hasn't been enough activity to provide meaningful data.

If this occurs, try changing or expanding the date range at the top of the Dashboard page.