Transferring inventory between warehouses

Learn how to move inventory to another warehouse, and track the progress of your transfer.

You can use Breadstack to initiate and track inventory transfers between your warehouses.

Note: This process is not available for Cova stores. If your store is linked to Cova, use the Cova platform to manage and track transfers.

Starting a new transfer

  1. Navigate to Inventory > Transfers.

  2. From the drop-down menu, select the warehouse from which you would like to transfer inventory.
  3. Click Add New Transfer Out.

  4. Specify information for the new inventory transfer, including the sender's and recipient’s addresses and the relevant product(s), and click Add. 

  5. Input the transfer quantity and click Save. You'll see your transfer logged in the list as a "Transfer Out"
    • If you select the receiving warehouse from the drop-down menu, you should now see your transfer logged as a "Transfer In" for that warehouse.

Transfer status definitions

In Inventory > Transfers, you'll see a log of all past and present transfers. The following statuses may display under the Status column:

  • In-transit - The transfer has not yet been checked in
  • Partial Check-in - The transfer is in the process of being checked in (e.g. a large transfer in which inventory is shipped in multiple batches may display this status until all batches are received)
  • Completed - All items have been successfully checked in
  • Cancelled