Tracking Onfleet deliveries

Learn how to use Breadstack to track and manage Onfleet orders.

If you've integrated Onfleet with Breadstack, you can use Breadstack to keep track of orders that have Onfleet as their delivery method.

Tracking orders with Onfleet as their shipping method

  1. To view your store's Onfleet orders, navigate to Fulfillment > Onfleet Deliveries.
  2. Once an order has been assigned to a driver in Onfleet, you'll see status updates in Breadstack. 
    • If you want to view more detailed information about an order's status, such as driver whereabouts, select Track on Onfleet (at the far right of the order). This will take you to your Onfleet dashboard and automatically pull up details for that order.

Viewing and printing a packing list

When viewing all your Onfleet orders in Fulfillment > Onfleet Deliveries, you can check and print the packing list for any individual order. Simply click on the order's document icon, and a pop-up will appear with the document. You can print all pages or a specific one.