Breadstack: Setting up your organization

Learn how to create and edit an organization in Breadstack. Organizations are containers that allow you to link inventory, operations, and data between stores.

In Breadstack, an organization a collection of one or more stores. Linking related stores under a common umbrella allows you to easily manage systems, inventory, and staff between them.

Creating a new organization

As a new Breadstack user, you'll create your first organization during setup. Simply enter an organization name that reflects the stores you want to group.

If your stores have entirely separate operations and inventory, you can keep them apart by adding one or more additional organizations to your portal.

To add a new organization, follow the steps in this video - or read the instructions below.

  1. Navigate to Admin Options > Organizations and select Link Store to New Organization.
  2. Enter a name for your new organization.
  3. Fill out your store's basic information.
    • Store Platform (Cova or WooCommerce)
    • Store Name
    • Store URL
  4. Click Next. On the next screen, you'll see a checkbox asking whether you would like Breadstack to help you manage inventory. Checking the box will require you to input warehouse information:
    • Warehouse Name
    • Warehouse Contact Number
    • Warehouse Address
    • Stock Display at Store Front - Select whether you would like stock levels of products stored at this warehouse to display on your website
  5. Click Next, then select a Store Category.
  6. Click Next, then follow the prompts to complete verification. This may require signing in to your WooCommerce or Cova account.
  7. Wait while Breadstack imports your store data. (Depending on how much data you have, this may take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours).
    When the import is finished, you'll see an on-screen confirmation stating Store Data Imported. You'll also receive an email confirming the data transfer.
  8. Check that you can see your new organization in the drop-down menu in Breadstack's top navigation bar.


Tip: You can add more stores to your new organization at any time by following the link an online store process.

Navigating between organizations

You can easily navigate between your organizations from any location in Breadstack by using the drop-down menu at the top left. You'll see your stores grouped by organization in the menu. Just select any store to jump into it.