Setting product recommendations

Upsell or cross-sell products by linking them to others on your website.

Linking products increases your overall sales by ensuring that your website recommends relevant products to customers. These recommendations are based on products they have purchased in the past, or on the contents of their current shopping cart.

Linking products

  1. In Products, either Add a New Product or edit an existing product by clicking Edit under its name in your product list.
  2. At the bottom of the page, you'll see the Linked Products section. Here, you can add Upsells or Cross-sells.
    • Upsells are alternatives to a product the customer is interested in. They are usually more expensive than the initial product.
    • Cross-sells are complementary to the product the customer is interested in. They appear as recommended additional purchases.

      Search for products in either or both categories, and +Add each one.
  3. Click Update at the top right corner of the product page to save your changes.