Fulfilling customer pickup orders

When a customer places an order for pickup, it moves through three fulfillment states: Pending Picking, Pending Pickup, and Picked Up. Learn what to do in each.

To view and manage all orders for pickup, go to Fullfillment > Pickup & Delivery. You can use the ribbon just above the list columns to filter orders by state: Pending Picking, Pending Pickup, and Picked Up.

Here's an overview of each fulfillment state and what you need to do to manage these orders smoothly.

1. Pending Picking

As soon as a customer places a new order online, it will appear in Breadstack (see Fullfillment > Pickup & Delivery) in the Pending Picking list, with the status Processing.

This simply means that you need to pick and pack the order, then notify the customer when it's ready. Learn how to prepare orders for pickup.

Note: Fulfillment states are different from order statuses. For example, an order may move through several different order statuses, including Processing and On Hold, while remaining under the Pending Pickup state.

2. Pending Pickup

Once you've notified the customer that the order is ready, it will move to the Pending Pickup list.

When the customer arrives at your store to collect their order, be sure to review and confirm the order details with them. Click the document icon to open the full packing list.

Once the customer has successfully picked up their order, click Confirm. This will move the order to the Picked Up list and change the status to Completed. 

3. Picked Up

 You can continue to track and manage Picked Up orders in three locations:

  • Fulfillment > Completed Orders - Here, you can see orders organized into a list or calendar view.
  • Fulfillment > Pickup & Delivery > Picked Up Orders
  • Orders > All Orders > Completed

Open any past order to see details or add a note.

Can I move an order back to a previous fulfillment state?

No, you cannot revert an order to a previous state. This is intended to minimize confusion for customers: they receive notifications when orders are moved to Pending Pickup, and these notifications cannot be cancelled or undone.