Order status definitions

Learn about the different status designations orders can have in Breadstack.

To view the status of an order, visit: Orders > All Orders and search based on order information. To filter orders by status, click on the Status filter.

Pending payment

This means the order has been created on your website, but you haven't yet received payment from the customer. For example, it could mean the user has reached the payment screen but not proceeded.

In rare cases, it may mean that the payment server wasn't able to communicate back to your website to say a payment was processed, so you should check your payment account and emails, too.


The payment failed; for example, the customer's credit card was declined.


This means the customer’s payment was received successfully, and the order is now awaiting dispatch.

Once you've dispatched the products, you can edit the order and change the status to “Completed”.


The order is complete. No further action is needed.

On Hold

The order is awaiting payment. For example, this could be because the customer is paying by cheque.


The order has been cancelled by you or the customer. The product(s) will be available again for purchase by another customer.


You have refunded the transaction.