Managing files in the Media Library

The Media Library lets you easily add and organize images and videos for use on your store website.

Note: If your store is on Cova, changes made to product images will only be reflected in your online store

Adding a new file

To add a new image or video from your computer

  1. Go to the Media Library and click Add New File in the upper right corner.
  2. In the popup window. select the location for the upload. You can upload to the main Media Library destination or select an individual folder.
  3. Click Select Files or drag and drop your file into the window. 
  4. (Optional) Fill in your file's Alt Text, Title, Caption, Description, and Tags.
  5. Click Save. You'll see your file's thumbnail appear in the upload destination  you selected.

Tip: You can modify a file's Alt Text, Title, Caption, Description and Tags at any time by double-clicking the file's thumbnail in the Media Library.

Organizing files into folders

Create folders to keep your images organized and easy to find.

  1. In the Media Library, click Add New Folder in the top left corner.
  2. Give your folder a name. If you want to nest this folder under a previously created one, double click the parent folder in the Folder Location list.Screenshot media library folders3
  3. Click Add. You'll see your new folder appear in the left-hand Folder panel. 
  4. To add a file to your folder, click on it to highlight it, then drag and drop it onto the folder name. You can move multiple files at once by holding Shift as you click on them.