Managing SKUs across your organization

Easily create, find, and modify SKUs across your entire organization.

Note: Only users with Admin access can manage SKUs using the below processes.

SKUs (stock-keeping units) are the unique numbers that appear on bar codes. Every product needs its own SKU for inventory management.

The SKU Management section of Breadstack lets you search for any SKU in your organization, quickly and easily add new SKU products, and modify or edit an existing SKU.

Even if your product isn't currently in stock (for example, if you don't carry it anymore, or haven't acquired it yet) you can create and manage its SKU here.

Note: If your store is on Cova, you cannot manage SKUs in Breadstack. You'll need to use the Cova system for inventory and product management.

Creating a new SKU product

  1. Navigate to Admin Options > SKU Management and click + Add New SKU in the upper right corner.
  2. Under Inventory:
    • Input a SKU. Or, leave the field blank to have Breadstack automatically generate one for you.
    • (Optional) Input a UPC code to match the product barcode.
    • Input the Product Name and Brand
    • (Optional) Enter the product's COGS (Cost of Goods). Breadstack uses this number to track sales revenue and profit.
    • (Optional) Enter a Description.
  3. (Optional) Under Shipping, enter the product's Weight (in kg) and Dimensions.
  4. Select a Product Image by uploading one directly from your computer, or choosing one from the Media Library.
  5. Add any relevant Tags. Learn how to create and manage SKU tags.
  6. Click Save. You'll see the product appear in the SKU Management list. When you click on it, you'll see that Breadstack has generated a barcode based on the SKU you (or the system) inputted.

Searching for SKU products

To find any SKU product(s) in your organization:

  1. Go to Admin Options > SKU Management.
  2. Input your SKU or product name in the search bar. Or, use the filters to narrow your search. These include:
    • Warehouse(s) where the product is stocked
    • Minimum and maximum Available units.
    • Cost (COGS)
    • Tags attached to the product(s)

Editing SKU products

To change a SKU or other details of a SKU product, go to Admin Options > SKU Management and click Quick Edit under any SKU.

Deleting SKU products

To change a SKU or other details of a SKU product, go to Admin Options > SKU Management and click Delete under any SKU.