Managing comments on product pages

Learn how to approve, delete, and follow up on comments left by customers.

You can view all comments left by customers on your product pages by visiting Products > Comments. Here, you can filter comments by publication status, product, time posted, and the customer's rating.

Approving or unapproving comments

Approve or unapprove pending comments to control what ends up on your site.

  1. Visit Products > Comments.
  2. Apply the "Pending" status filter to find comments that have not yet been approved.
  3. Click Approve or Unapprove underneath each comment.

Following up on comments

If you're interested in following up with the author of a comment, you can see who left it by selecting Edit Comment, then View Customer Info.

Deleting comments and spam

If a comment violates store policy or contains inappropriate material, you can flag it as Spam using the Spam button, or simply delete it with the Trash button.