Managing categories

Add categories to your online store to help customers find the right products.

Categories are groups of related or similar products on your store's website. They structure the way products are displayed, making it easier for customers to find what they're looking for.

You can add, edit, and delete categories in the Products module.

Note: If your website comes from Cova, you won't be able to add or manage categories in Breadstack.

Creating a new category

  1. Go to Product > Categories and click Add New Category at the top right.
  2. Add details about your category.
    • Assign any other category as a Parent Category to create a hierarchy, if desired. For example, "Baked Goods" would be a Parent Category of "Muffins".
    • Choose the category's Display Type
    • Write a Description of the category. 
    • Assign a Thumbnail image (Optional).
  1. Click Save.

Once you've added a category, you can start assigning products to it: see Adding Products.

Editing and deleting categories

To edit or delete categories, go to Products > Categories  and select Edit or Delete under any category in the list.