Fulfilling mail orders

Learn how to prepare and process orders for shipment by regular mail or courier.

Breadstack's Mail Orders screen is your hub for managing orders shipping with external couriers or postal services, such as Canada Post, UPS, and FedEx.

Note: To process and track orders shipping with Cantec Couriers, please use the Pickup & Delivery screen.

Here's how to prepare and fulfil mail orders.

  1. Go to Fulfillment > Mail Orders.
  2. Select your warehouse from the location dropdown. You also have the option to select a timeframe (by default, this will be set to All Time).
    Screenshot Breadstack warehouse and location dropdown
  3. Use the status ribbon to filter the order list by shipping status. Orders under Picking & Waybill are new and/or still require preparation for shipping.
    Take note of the Order Status column: orders that are Processing can be picked and packed.
  4. To begin picking an order, select the checkbox to the right of it.
    Screenshot Breadstack mail order select for picking

    You'll see on-screen instructions appear in the panel to the right of the order list.Screenshot Breadstack Prepare Package instructions
  5. Once you've generated the waybill, the Package Ready button will become clickable. Click this button to confirm that you've finished picking and preparing the order.
  6. The order will move from Picking & Waybill status to Pending Delivery, meaning the package is ready and waiting to be dispatched. You'll see a tracking link to the right.
    • If the order is with Onfleet, you'll now need to log into Onfleet and assign a driver. Once you've done this, you can start tracking the order in more detail in Fulfillment > Onfleet Deliveries. Learn more about Onfleet tracking.
  7. Once the package has been scanned by the courier or post office, it will move to Tracking Orders. From there, you can use the tracking link to monitor its status.
    Once delivered, it will show a date and time under the Completed column.

Note: Completed deliveries also appear in calendar view in Fulfillment > Completed Orders.