Linking stores to your organization

Link your ecommerce site(s) to Breadstack in just a few steps.

A "store" in Breadstack represents your actual ecommerce website. Whereas an "organization" is a high-level umbrella linking one or more stores, you'll  manage most operations - including promotions, orders, and fulfillment - at the individual store level.

You'll be prompted to link your first store to Breadstack while setting up a new organization, but you can add additional stores at any time.

Note: Only General Admin and Owners can link stores.

Currently, Breadstack is able to link with stores from two platforms: WooCommerce and Cova.

Linking a store

  1. Go to Admin Options > Stores and click Link Store.
  2. Select your store platform from the drop-down.

    • If your store is from WooCommerce, enter the store name (this should match what is in WooCommerce), organization name, and store URL. Click Next.

    • If your store is from Cova, enter your store name, organization name, and click Link. You'll be prompted to enter several Cova credentials:
      • Username and Password - These are the same credentials you use to log into Cova.
      • Client ID, Client Secret, and Company ID - To obtain these, you may need to contact Cova customer support.

When you're ready, click Next.

  1. Add the warehouses you want to manage and monitor.

    • For Cova stores, Breadstack automatically pulls warehouse information. Select the warehouse(s) you want to import from the dropdown menu, ensure their details are correct, and add a Contact Number. When you're ready, click Save. The Check indicator beside each warehouse will change to Ready.

    • For WooCommerce stores, select the box "I would like Breadstack to help manage inventory". From the dropdown, you can either select an existing warehouse or set one up via +Create New Warehouse. 

  2. Select store categories.

  3. Follow the verification steps. These will vary slightly depending on your store platform.

You can edit store information later on, including name, URL, warehouses, and display format.