Integrating a payment provider with Breadstack

Learn how to connect your Breadstack store to Merrco or Payfirma

Integrating a payment provider for each of your Breadstack stores ensures that when customers pay by credit card, the payments are routed correctly.

Breadstack currently integrates with two payment providers: Payfirma (Merrco) and Moneris.

Note: In order to set up a payment integration, you'll need two pieces of information from your Moneris or Payfirma (Merrco) account:

  • For Moneris, your Store ID and API Token
  • For Payfirma (Merrco), your Client ID and Client Secret

Viewing payment provider integrations

To check which of your stores have payment providers integrated, go to Admin Options > Payment Integration.

You'll see your stores in a list. Stores that have an integrated provider will display its name in the Payment Provider column. Stores that don't yet have an integration will display Missing payment provider.

Screenshot Breadstack payment integration list

Setting up a new integration

  1. Go to Admin Options > Payment Integrations.
  2. Find the name of the store you want to integrate and click Edit.
  3. A popup will appear. In the dropdown menu, choose which payment provider you want to integrate.
  4. Enter the required keys for your provider (see Note above).
  5. Click Save. You'll now see your store's payment provider stated in the Payment Integrations list.