Integrating ShipStation with Breadstack

Integrate ShipStation via API to more easily manage shipping fulfillment.

ShipStation is a multichannel Canadian shipping software application. Integrating ShipStation with Breadstack lets you manage your entire fulfillment workflow from a single portal.

Note: Only General Admin and Owners can perform integrations with third-party software.

To get started, you'll need to log into ShipStation and copy your API key and API secret (see instructions in ShipStation's help centre).

Once you have these, watch our video - or follow the steps below - to set up your integration.

  1. Go to Admin Options > Fulfillment Integration and toggle the ribbon to ShipStation.
  2. Under Organization Setting, choose the organization you want to integrate.
  3. Under your organization's name, select Edit and +Add Credential.
  4. Choose a name for your credential, and enter your API Key and API Secret. Click Save.
Under Store Setting, you can enable or disable the integration for each store in your organization.