Fulfillment status definitions



Payment has been received for the order. The packing list and waybill have already been printed, the order has been packed and the item is ready to ship. The next step is to notify drivers to pick up the package.



Payment has been received for the order, but the order cannot be picked because another Breadstack user is picking it.


You can force unlock the lock by clicking the icon. Please note that this will lock out the agent who is currently working on the same processing order.


Payment has been received for the order, and is ready to be picked. The packing list and waybill have already been generated.


You cannot perform a bulk pick action if one of the orders is On Hold. If one of the orders is locked, it means that someone else is already picking it. You cannot bulk pick when the order is being picked by somebody else.



The order is ready to be picked up. The driver confirms the pickup of the order and completes pickup.


Screenshot_2022-11-23_at_14.49.37.png This order hasn't been paid for yet, it cannot be picked.


The order has been picked up by the driver 



When the option to reship appears, it indicates that a delivery has previously failed and the product has been successfully returned to the warehouse.

The red arrow indicates that it is a returned order.


Prior to the delivery failure, the order had already been processed. When the product is received by the warehouse, the product status will be converted to On Hold and the next action is to Reship.