Editing general warehouse details

Learn how to update a warehouse's name, contact number, or address.

Once you've added a warehouse, you can edit its basic information at any point.

Tip: To set the times of day your warehouse offers pickup or Onfleet delivery, please see Setting warehouse pickup and delivery hours.

  1. Go to Admin Options Warehouse and click Edit underneath the warehouse name.
  2. Modify any of the following:
    • Warehouse Name
      Note: If your store is on Cova, the COVA Registered Name field will show your warehouse name as it appears in Cova. If you'd like to see a different (e.g. more user-friendly) name both on your storefront and within the Breadstack environment, type the alternative name in Warehouse Name.

      Screenshot Breadstack warehouse name
    • Contact Number
    • Address
      Note: If your store is on Cova, you cannot edit this in Breadstack. You'll need to make updates directly in Cova. 
    • Fulfillment Options - Enable or disable each of your organization's shipping methods for this specific warehouse. Learn more about managing warehouse fulfillment options.
    • Waybill Address and Return Address - Choose whether waybills show your warehouse's official address or an alternative.
  3. Click Save at the bottom.