Customer status definitions

Breadstack categorizes your customers based on how they shop.

Each time a customer makes a purchase at your store or is added manually, Breadstack categorizes them under one of three statuses: POS Only, Online Only or POS + Online. 

In Customers > All Customers, you'll see these statuses in a filter ribbon at the top of the page. 

Screenshot customer status

  • POS Only - These customers have only shopped onsite at one or more of your physical store locations. They provided their email address to the store cashier.
  • Online Only - These customers have only shopped at your online store. They provided an email address when creating an account.
  • POS + Online - These customers have shopped at one or more of your physical stores and at your online store.

Customer statuses evolve based on customer behavior. For instance, if a previously POS-Only customer makes an online purchase, their status will change to POS + Online.

Note: If you've manually added a new customer in Breadstack, their status will default to "Online Only".