Creating and using SKU tags

Create SKU tags to help you find and manage products across your organization.

Unlike product tags, which help customers find relevant products on your website, SKU tags are meant for you and your staff. They help you keep all your organization's SKU products organized and searchable in the SKU Management section.

Note: Only users with Admin access can create and manage SKU tags.

Once you've created a SKU tag using the below process, you can assign it to any new or existing SKU products. Then, you can easily filter-search for products with that tag.

Creating a new SKU tag

  1. Go to Admin Options > SKU Management and select SKU Tags in the ribbon at the top.
  2. Click + Add New SKU Tag.
  3. Give your tag a Name. If desired, include a Description that outlines the criteria for products assigned to this tag.
  4. Click Save. You'll see the new tag in the SKU Tags list. From here, you can click Quick Edit any time to adjust it, or Delete to remove it.

How can SKU tags help me organize products?

SKU tags are helpful if you use Admin Options > SKU Management to manage products across your organizations. 

When you create a new SKU product here, you'll have the option to apply one or more of your SKU tags. For example, if you sell apparel, you might want to tag some items as "clothes" and others as "accessories". 

Then, when viewing your organization's list of SKU products, you can filter-search based on tags. This allows you to easily track and compare products with shared characteristics (their COGS, warehouse location (if any), and available units).