Creating and modifying promotions

Schedule a sale to delight your customers and inspire loyalty. Learn how to set up, modify, or end a promotion.

You can use Breadstack to create and manage promotions, and customize almost everything about them.

Setting up a new promotion

Note: Before scheduling a new promotion, make sure you've set your store's global promotion settings. These settings will automatically apply to all your promotions.

Go to Loyalty > Promotions and click the Settings gear icon in the upper right corner. Here, you can choose whether promotions can be stacked (combined). If stacking is disabled, you can choose whether customers get the biggest or smallest discount if multiple promotions are running.

Tip: If you want to quickly create a new promotion with the same settings as a previous one, open the old promotion by clicking on it, then select Duplicate in the lower left corner.

  1. Navigate to Loyalty > Promotions and click +Add Promotion in the upper right corner.
  2. Enter the settings for your promotion:
    • Promotion Name and Colour - Make your promotion easy to identify later when you track its performance.
    • (Cova stores only) Participating Locations - Choose which physical store locations will participate.
    • Promotion Frequency - Enter a start and end date/time for your promotion, and choose whether it will repeat.
    • Promotion Type - Choose whether this promotion covers all products, or use the search bar to identify specific products, brands, or categories. Then, enter the percentage discount you want to apply.
  3. Click Save. You'll see your new promotion appear on the Promotions page, both in Calendar and List view.

Modifying a promotion

You can edit a current or future promotion in Loyalty > All Promotions.

  • If in Calendar view, click on the promotion, then click See Details.
  • If in List view, click on the promotion name.

Note that any changes you make will be logged on the promotion details page under Timeline.

Ending a promotion

You can end a promotion ahead of its scheduled completion date. Follow the steps under "Modifying a promotion" (above). In the promotion details window, select End Promotion on the top right. 

What do the promotion statuses mean?

As your promotion moves through its lifecycle, it will take on the following statuses:

  • Scheduled: This promotion hasn't started yet, but it's set to take place at a designated time in the future.
  • Active: This promotion is currently happening on your store's website.
  • Completing: This promotion has ended, but Breadstack requires some buffering time to gather data on its performance.
  • Completed: This promotion has ended, and you can view data on its performance in Breadstack.