Creating and editing coupons

Learn how to generate and modify coupons to grow customer loyalty.

Coupons can help you build customer relationships, move inventory faster, and create marketing opportunities.

Breadstack offers tools to create coupons with detailed settings, so you can make sure they're a true asset to your business. Here's how to create and edit a coupon.

Tip: Once you've created a coupon, you can track its performance and usage. See Tracking coupon usage for more.

Creating coupons

To create a new coupon, navigate to Loyalty > Coupons and select + Add Coupon in the upper right corner.

1. Fill in General settings

These fields determine your coupon's basic type.

  • Add a Coupon Code of your choosing.
  • Select the Discount Type. These include:
    • Percent discount - Applies a percentage discount to a customer's entire order.
    • Fixed cart discount - Applies a discount (in $) to a customer's cart.
    • Fixed product discount - Applies a discount (in $) to a specific product(s).
  • Under Coupon Amount, enter the percentage or dollar value of the discount.
  • Set an Expiry Date after which the coupon cannot be redeemed.
  • Check Allow free shipping if you want customers who use the coupon to also be eligible for free shipping (if they meet the free shipping criteria).

2. Fill in Usage Limits

This refers to how many times your coupon can be redeemed:

  • in total  - Usage Limit per Coupon
  • by an individual - Usage Limit Per User
  • for a specific product - Usage Limit to X Item (this applies only if the coupon is a Fixed product discount)

3. Fill in Usage Restrictions

Here's where you set finer limits on which orders qualify for your coupon. These include:

  • Set the Minimum and Maximum Spend to control the total order value required for coupon eligibility.
  • Check Sold individually if the coupon cannot be combined with other coupons.
  • Check Individual use only if the coupon cannot be applied to items on sale. If this is checked, fixed cart discounts and fixed product discounts will only work if the items required for them are not on sale.
  • For Fixed cart discounts, add products under Product (or entire categories under Product Categories) that must be in the cart in order for the discount to apply. Under Exclude Products or Exclude Categories, enter any products or categories that will disqualify a customer's cart from the coupon.
  • For Fixed product discounts, add eligible products under Product, or eligible categories under Product Categories.
  • If you want only specific customers to be able to use your coupon, enter their billing email addresses (separated by commas) under Allowed Email. This creates a whitelist against which their identities will be verified at checkout.

Finding and editing coupons

After you've created a coupon, it will appear in your coupon list (Loyalty > Coupons). This list shows you a number of details about each coupon, including its type, amount, the product IDs it pertains to, the number of times it has been used versus its limit, and its expiry date.

To edit a coupon, click Edit under the coupon code. When you're finished making changes, click Update Coupon in the upper right corner.