Changing an order's status

Update the status of an order in Breadstack.

You can edit most order statuses in Breadstack. Often, manual status updates are part of managing an order's lifecycle. For example, once a customer has collected a pickup order, you'll want to change the status from "Processing" to "Completed".

Note: You cannot edit the status "POS Order". This designation applies to orders placed at physical store locations rather than online.

See Order status definitions for more on what each status means.

Updating an order's status

  1. Go to Orders > All Orders.
  2. Search for the order using the filters. Or, you can use the tabs in the ribbon at the top of the page to view orders grouped by status.
  3. Once you've found the order:
    • If you're changing the order status to Processing or Completed, you can do this directly in the list view by selecting Mark as processing or Mark as complete underneath the order number
    • For all other status changes, open the order by clicking on its number, and use the Status drop-down to make your change. Click Update Order to confirm.

Any status changes you make will be logged in the order's Timeline (visible when you open the order for editing).

Caution: Changing an order's status may automatic updates to your inventory levels.

For example, if you change an order from "On Hold" to "Completed", the items in the order will be subtracted from your available inventory.