Adjusting shipping methods

Enable or disable shipping methods for each of your shipping zones.

You can choose which shipping methods are available to customers in each of your shipping zones

Which shipping methods can I choose?

Flat rate

Flat-rate shipping lets you apply a modifiable standard rate per product, shipping class, or order. You can choose whether the rate is taxable.

Free shipping

When you enable free shipping, you can set the criteria orders need to meet in order to qualify for it. This may be a minimum spend, a valid free shipping coupon, either one, or a combination of both.

In-store pickup

Allow customers to pick up orders themselves. By default, customers will pay store base taxes regardless of their home address.

Cantec delivery

Cantec provides same-day delivery service for WooCommerce stores. Learn how to set up Cantec shipping.

Breadstack Onfleet local delivery

This method is available for stores that are integrated with Onfleet in Breadstack.

Adding a shipping method to a shipping zone

  1. In Settings > Shipping, find the shipping zone you want to edit and click Edit under its name.
  2. Under Shipping Method, choose the option you want to add for customers in this zone. Click +Add. You'll see your selection appear in the list below.
  3. Click Edit under the shipping method name to customize its name, criteria, cost, and tax status, 
  4. Set the Picking Priority of each shipping method by clicking on the "=" sign and dragging it up or down in the list.
  5. Make sure toggle under Enable is set to green (enabled), then click Save. The shipping method will now appear as an option on your website for customers with qualifying orders in this shipping zone.