Adding an inventory product

Add a product to Breadstack for inventory tracking and management.

Note: If your store uses Cova, you cannot manage inventory in Breadstack. 

Breadstack's Inventory module lets you track product stock availability, and manage adjustments and transfers between warehouses.

Note: The below process enables you to track a product's inventory in Breadstack; it does not make the product available for sale on your website. 

To do that, you'll need to create a corresponding entry in the Product module and link the two together.

Here's how to add a product you want to track.

  1. Go to Inventory > All inventories  and click Add Inventory Product in the upper right corner.
  2. Under Inventory, fill out:
    • The Product Name as you want it to appear in Breadstack
    • The SKU - if you've already added this product in the SKU Management section, enter the same SKU (it will appear as you start typing). Otherwise, create a unique SKU here - or leave the field blank to have Breadstack generate one automatically.
    • (Optional) the UPC code and GTIN/GS1
    • (Optional) The product's COGS - This is the total cost (to you) of the product. Breadstack uses this value to calculate profit on product sales.
    • (Optional) Description - Put anything you want staff to know about the product here.
    • Available Quantity - Enter the number of units currently in stock and available for purchase.
    • Reserved Quantity - Enter the number of units currently in stock but unavailable for purchase.
  3. (Optional) Under Shipping, fill out:
    • The Weight (kg) of a single unit
    • The Dimensions (cm) of a single unit
  4. (Optional) Under Vendor, log information on your vendor for this product.
  5. Under Location, fill out:
    • Which Warehouse is being used for this product
    • (Optional) The Aisle and BIN Location where the product can be found
  6. Under Product Image, click Select Image. Upload an image directly from your computer, or choose one from the Media Library.
  7. Under Tags, select the SKU tags you want to apply to this product. SKU tags help you find and organize products within Breadstack.
  8. Click Save. You'll see this product appear in the All Inventories list. Click its name or Quick Edit to open it up for editing, and to see the auto-generated barcode.