Adding a user to Breadstack

Learn how to add a coworker to Breadstack. Create a new user account with the right access level.

You can add a new user to your Breadstack organization (or a specific store) by creating a user profile and generating an email invitation.
  1. Go to Admin Options People and click +Add.

  2. Fill in your new user's First NameLast Name, and Email.
    If you manage multiple organizations, you'll be asked to select one under Organization Name.

  3. Set the user's level of access.

    • If the user should have full access to all modules across the entire organization, select Administrator for all stores.

    • If the user should only have access to one or more specific stores, tick the name of each store. In the Role column, set the user's role for each store environment. When you select a role, a list of the modules it includes will appear in the Permission column.

      Screenshot Breadstack add a user

  4. Click Add. You'll see a popup confirming that an invitation email was sent.

Tracking newly added users

To check whether a newly invited user has successfully joined Breadstack:

  1. Check Admin Options > People.
  2. Click Active to view all your organization's fully registered users. Or, click Pending Activation to see users who haven't yet completed account setup.

Screenshot Breadstack add a user tracking status