Adding a warehouse

Link warehouses to your stores to easily manage inventory and fulfillment options.

In Breadstack, a warehouse is any location where inventory is stored and managed. Your warehouse may be at the same address as your store, or at a separate site.

Linking warehouses to your stores allows you to easily manage inventory and set up pickup or delivery options.

There are three ways to add a new warehouse in Breadstack.

From the Warehouse screen in Admin Options

To easily add a new warehouse at any point: 

  1. Go to Admin Options Warehouse and select +Add Warehouse.

  2. Fill in the details in the General, Hours, and Local Delivery tabs (if your store is on Cova, you'll also see a tab to set stock limit thresholds). When you're finished, click Add.

You'll now be able to link your new warehouse to your stores by editing them under Admin Options > Stores.

When linking a store

Follow the steps to link a new store to Breadstack. You'll see the opportunity to add a new warehouse(s) during store Setup.

When editing a store

Under Admin Options > Store, you can edit details about your store, including which warehouses are linked to it. You can also create new warehouses from here.